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The Village of Pouce Coupe has announced the winners of this year's House Light Up Contest! 
1st - 4721 56 Ave
2nd - 4909 49 Ave
3rd - 4804 Bissette Dr.

The Village thanks everybody who participated in the competition. 

Frequently referred to as the “pioneer capital” of the Peace River region, Pouce Coupe appears to have been named after Chief of the Beaver Nation, “Pooscapee”, as documented in “The Land of Twelve Foot Davis” by J.C. MacGregor (1806).

West Pouce Plan - The Village wants to hear from you!!!!

 West Pouce Neighbourhood Concept Development Plan.

The Neighbourhood Concept Plan is intended to help enhance the lifestyle of residents today and into the future by adding more housing developments while increasing the quality of housing available.

A full draft of the West Pouce Neighbourhood Concept Development Summary Report is available HERE.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018 - 2:00pm
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