Garbage Pickup

During November 2014, each household in Pouce Coupe will be supplied with a specifically designed cart to be placed curbside on their collection day. The cart has a capacity of 250 litres, which is equivalent to more than 3 standard garbage bags.

On Thursday mornings, residents are required to wheel these carts to the curbside before 8:00 am for collection. The contractor will empty the carts using collection vehicles equipped with an articulating arm. This method of operation is performed quicker and safer than traditional manual collection methods.

 What do I do on collection day?

Set it out by 8:00 am on Thursday

Set out your container by 8:00 am on Thursday mornings in the lane or street you normally use to set out your garbage (unless we have instructed you otherwise). Crews begin work at 8:00 am.

Point it

Place your container so the arrow on the lid points towards the centre of the lane or street. The container should be on your driveway or lawn, behind the curb or on the edge of your lawn, with the handle facing your property.

Space it

Space your container so there is at least 2 m (6 feet) of space on all sides and 3 m (10 feet) of clearance above. Make sure to leave 2 m between containers if you have more than one or are close to your neighbors'.

Remove it

Containers must be removed from the roadway no later than 7:00 pm on the day of collection.

What should I NOT do on collection day?

 Do not overfill your container

Overfilled containers will not be emptied. Please ensure loose garbage is bagged and that the lid is closed. Any garbage that is not inside your container will not be collected.

Do not put these items in your container:

NO propane tanks or cylinders
NO automobile tires
NO lead-acid batteries (e.g. car batteries)
NO paints, solvents or any liquids
NO hazardous materials (e.g. pesticides)
NO gypsum (drywall)
NO animal carcasses
NO used oil or oil filters
NO TVs or computer monitors

Excess Garbage

Excess residential garbage may be taken to the Besborough Landfill. If a resident finds that one cart is insufficient for their household needs, an additional cart may be obtained from the Village with a $100 deposit. There will be an additional $30.45 quarterly collection fee for the collection of waste from this additional cart.

Questions or Comments?

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