Northern Health Matters - November 1 to 7

Here’s a recap of the latest stories on the Northern Health Matters blog from November 1-7!


Food Security, Part 2: Food Costing in BC

November 7

How much does it cost for you to put food on your table? Your weekly grocery bill may come to mind, as well as how and where you get your food. But do you also factor in costs like getting to the grocery store? Population Health Dietitian Laurel Burton writes her second of three parts on food security.


Big moves with big health rewards

November 6

"As healthcare professionals, we’re very good at talking the talk. So, why are so many of us unable to walk the walk?" Leah Smith, Northern Health Regional Support Pharmacist, speaks on her big changes for happiness, including moving from the Okanagan to the north!


Dunrovin celebrates Care Aide Assistants day

November 5

Check out what Dunrovin did for their Care Aides! A big NH thank you to all of our Care Aides for all the work they do.


Life’s balancing act

November 2

"Life is challenging. Some moments are amazingly beautiful while others are just tough." Hear from Mental Health Clinician Sandra Galletti on how she maintains balance in an every busier world.


Rural Nursing: A Love Story

November 1

Why rural nursing? Northern Health RN Stephanie Goulet shares her experience living and working in the town of Chetwynd, and how rural settings have helped shape her nursing experience.



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