Snow Removal & Road Maintenance

The Public Works Department is responsible for keeping the roads clear of ice and snow and maintaining a safe and passable condition. Snow clearing will occur during regular working hours. In the event of a heavy snowfall, snow clearing operations will commence outside of regular working hours at the discretion of the Chief Administrative Officer and Public Works Foreman. Predicting the amount of snowfall over the winter is a difficult thing to do and there may situations when the immediate demand for snow and ice control measures will exceed the available resources of the Village. In order to maximize the use of the available resources, operations will be conducted according to the following priorities:

  1. Priority:  Emergency routes, including the Village downtown area and in front of the Fire Hall. Sidewalks are done after 6 inches of snowfall or while performing regular snow removal. 
  2. Priority:  55, 56, and 57th Avenue as these streets are on a hill.
  3. Priority:  Bissette Drive, Railway Avenue, and Elevator Road.
  4. Priority:  All other residential areas.

During periods of heavy snowfall or other extreme weather conditions, you can be sure that we are exerting our maximum effort to return road conditions to a safe travelling condition. Please have patience as our Public Works Department works to get to your area as quickly as possible.

For more information, please see our Snow Removal & Road Maintenance Policy

Here's How You Can Help!

Clearing snow from roadways is the responsibility of the Village Public Works Department, Ministry of Transportation and the community; help keep the community safe this winter! Here’s how you can help:

  • Park your vehicles in your driveway as opposed to the street.
  • Stay back a safe distance from the rear of a plow truck and grader so the driver can see you.
  • Please avoid passing or driving beside the plow truck and grader.
  • When clearing snow, pile it on your property - it should not be shovelled onto the sidewalk or into the ditch.
  • Place your garbage and recycling containers on a cleared area - do not perch them on the top of snow piles.
  • Make sure you return your garbage and recycling containers to your yard to allow snow removal equipment to pass by.
  • If you can, help your neighbour with snow removal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the snow plow operator lift the blade at every driveway?
Can I place the snow from my driveway or parking area onto the travelled portion of the street or into the ditch?
When will our street be plowed?
Can the Village’s snow plow operator plow my driveway?

Can the Village plow/sand the highway?

Can the snow plow operator lift the blade at every driveway? In order for our snow plow operator to provide the most efficient and cost-effective snow removal, continuous movement is required. With hundreds of driveways in the Village, it is not practical or cost efficient for plow operators to lift their blades at every driveway.  Since our main goal is to safely open roads as soon as possible, lifting the blade at each driveway would slow down the snow removal operation significantly and would leave snow in the road that may in turn be a hazard to motorists.

Can I place the snow from my driveway or parking area onto the travelled portion of the street or into the ditch? Residents are encouraged to avoid pushing or blowing snow from their driveway into the street because it is potentially creating a dangerous situation for motorists. 

By placing the snow back onto the roadway after a plow truck has gone by, creates issues for our Public Works Department. The plow will need to make an additional run down your street to clean it up which increases Village’s costs with additional staff time, fuel and equipment wear and tear, not to mention delays in getting to other areas of the Village that also need to be plowed.

Please refrain from blowing and pushing snow into the ditches or anywhere it may obstruct a culvert. When the weather turns warmer and snow begins to melt, it's important that the run off water gets into the ditches. If the ditches are full and culverts are plugged by a build-up of ice and snow, street and residential property flooding can occur. Should the temperature drop again, the street can become icy and dangerous.

When will our street be plowed? After a snowfall, the streets are prioritized based on the above list which outlines the priority areas.  

Can the Village’s snow plow operator plow my driveway? The Village of Pouce Coupe does not perform work on private property.

Can the Village sand/plow the highway? The highway is the responsibility of The Ministry of Transportation and is maintained by Caribou Road Services. For inquiries or complaints regarding highway road maintenance, please see their website here.