Reimbursement of tipping fees for Flood Victims


The Following applies to Flood Victims:

  1.        That the reimbursement of tipping fees to residents, businesses and non‐profits who haul their damage to a Tier 1 transfer station or landfill between June 17, 2016 and July 5, 2016 upon submitting proof to the Regional District by July 15, 2016 of flood damage such as a letter from their insurance agency, photos, or confirmation that they have applied for disaster financial assistance, be authorized.


  1.        That staff be authorized to work with the District of Chetwynd and the City of Dawson Creek to develop a report to bring back to the Board on waiving tipping fees in those communities impacted by the recent floods.


As such, residents, businesses and non-profits may come to the Regional District office until July 15 to request reimbursement of their tipping fees.  They will need to provide some sort of proof that they were impacted by flooding – photos, etc.


For rural residents west of Chetwynd, waste bins have been placed at the Compass Service Station in Wildmare until July 8, 2016.


Paulo Eichelberger will be in contact with you soon regarding resolution #2 above.  In the meantime we would appreciate you sharing the information on the process and deadline to reimburse tipping fees for all of our residents, businesses and non-profits.

Monday, June 27, 2016 - 2:30pm