From the Mayor – Immediate Release

From the desk of Mayor Lorraine Michetti

Over this past week I have taken many hours to reflect on the comments that I have made that have come across as anti-Semitism and anti-Indigenous and I am most humbly saddened that my comments were hurtful to the indigenous people, the Jewish community and the wonderful people of the Peace region. I in no way ever meant for my comments to come across as racist but I now see my errors in judgement regarding my social media posts. As I’ve already stated, I will be seeking cultural sensitivity training but after much reflection I feel that I need to do more to mend the bridges that I have damaged so I will also be seeking counselling for anger management and social media use.

I am a woman with a strong conviction to my community and with my duties as a Mayor I am fully engaged to do the very best for our beloved village of Pouce Coupe. I truly care about the citizens of the village and in the future I promise to think before I write because I never ever thought about how my posts could be interpreted because I sure didn’t mean it to come across in that manner. In conversations I need to be much more cognizant of what I’m saying because I NEVER want to say something like I did recently regarding the World War Two Jews. I know of several families including my own that had family members that fought in that war to stop the Nazi war machine and it appalls me to think that I may have done anything to disrespect their memory. I give a heartfelt apology to the veterans, the Jewish community and our indigenous people. I have always just called it as I see it, never thinking about how the interpretation could be taken, LESSON LEARNED! I WAS VERY WRONG!

I’m sorry for any uncaring posts of my past, in the future I hope to show everyone that I have taken a different approach to life and politics in my posts and with the comments that I make to the great people of this community.

As I’ve already previously stated in a previous letter, I’m not planning on stepping down as the Mayor of Pouce Coupe because now more than ever I feel like I haven’t completed the job that I was voted in to do. I humbly ask for my council to please open communications with me so that we can lay everything on the table and move forward in a positive manner that will benefit our village.

With the greatest respect,

Lorraine Michetti
Mayor of Pouce Coupe, BC