Animal Control

Animal Control Officer

Sam Lowdon, Bylaw Enforcement/Animal Control Officer

Complaint Process for Bylaw Infractions and Animal Control Concerns (How to make a Complaint)

Dog & Cat Licensing

Every dog and cat living in Village of Pouce Coupe must be licenced. Licences are purchased at the Village Office and expire on December 31 of that year.

Dog License - fill out the fillable PDF form and bring into the Village Office to pay the licence fee.

Cat License - fill out the fillable PDF form and bring into the Village Office to pay the licence fee.

Fee Schedule

Intact male or Female Dog $50.00 per dog
Neutered Male or Spayed Female Dog $20.00 per dog
Replacement Tag $5.00
Intact Cat $50.00 per cat
Spayed or Neutered Cat without Tattoo or Microchip $25.00 per cat
Spayed or  Neutered Cat with Tattoo or Microchip $5.00 per cat
Replacement Tag $5.00

Please note that documentation is required to prove that the dog/cat is spayed or neutered and will be kept on file.

Benefits of Dog and Cat Licensing

  1. Helps to reunite lost pets with their families:
    A dog or cat tag makes it easier for the Animal Control Officer or concerned residents to reunite a lost pet with its owner.
  2. Cost effective:
    In addition to an impounding fee, dog owners are charged a daily boarding fee for each day their dog stays at the pound. If your dog is wearing a licence tag, you will be contacted immediately and can prevent boarding fees from adding up.
  3. Provides services to our community:
    Licensing fees are used to offset the costs of providing animal control services in our community.
  4. Encourages population control:
    Reduced licensing fees encourage owners to spay/neuter their dogs and cats.

Backyard Hen Keeping in Pouce Coupe

The keeping of hens in Pouce Coupe is in accordance with the Hen Keeping Bylaw No. 1024, 2020.  A person who engages in backyard hen keeping must:

  1. Be the registered owner or obtain permission from the registered property owner of the property where hens are kept, and reside at the property where the hens are kept;
  2. Keep no more than four (4) hens per parcel of land;
  3.  A backyard hen enclosure must be located in the rear yard of the property;
  4. Backyard hen enclosures must be clearly incidental and secondary to the use of the dwelling for residential purposes, and must be conducted by a resident of the parcel;
  5. A backyard hen enclosure must only use a pen and a coop as regulated by this bylaw;
  6. The maximum size of a coop is 8.0 m2 in floor area and 2.0 m in height;
  7. The coop and pen must be placed at least 2.5 m from the exterior of side parcel line, the interior side parcel line and the rear parcel line;
  8. A valid permit must be obtained through the Village of Pouce Coupe in order to operate a backyard hen enclosure;

There is a two stage process to keeping hens in the Village of Pouce Coupe. The first stage is a permit for keeping hens and an inspection. The second stage is the licencing of the hen/hens (4) maximum. This process must be done each year. The permit and the license are for the calendar year. Please call the Village of Pouce Coupe for more information.