Christmas Light-Up Contest

With the approval of Mayor & Council, the Christmas Light-Up Contest has been an annual event in the village.

Entry Deadline & Winner Announcement

Contest Details

  • To qualify for judging, the house must have a 911 address visible.
  • Participants who wish to be judged must register with the Village Office before the second week of December.
  • Judging will be open the second week of December and the Community may judge throughout the week. An online poll will be opened the second week of December and there will be a paper version in the Village Office.

Form Fillable Light up Contest Entry Form

There will be two prizes awarded of $300 each. One prize awarded from the Council and one prize awarded from the Community.

Pictures of winners will be featured in the Village Voice and will be featured as the Village Christmas card the following year. Names will only be published with winner's consent.

Good luck to all who decorate!