West Pouce Neighbourhood Concept Plan

The West Pouce Neighbourhood Concept Plan was created to attract future growth and development in the community by expanding the type and quality of housing in Pouce Coupe. The Village of Pouce Coupe worked with Urban Systems in creating a residential plan that would enhance the quality of life for future and current residents.

The West Pouce Neighbourhood Concept Plan is the result of a consultation process that spanned several years. The development also follows the completion of key bylaws including a new Official Community Plan in early 2016, Zoning Bylaw in 2017 and Economic Development Plan in 2018.

The final plan was approved by Village of Poupe Coupe Council during the regular meeting on November 7, 2018.

The plan includes three preliminary options. The preferred concept includes a total of 95 parcels west of Highway 2. It can be viewed at the right.

The entire plan can be viewed HERE. Hard copies of the plan are available at the Village of Pouce Coupe office.

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