Boulevard & Property Maintenance

What is a Boulevard?

A boulevard is the grassy portion of land (including ditches and culverts) between a property and the street, sidewalk, or curb. All boulevards are owned by the Village.

Required Boulevard Maintenance

The maintenance of any boulevard fronting onto private property is the sole responsibility of the land owner.

Resident responsibilities for upkeep of the boulevard (including ditches and culverts) include:

  • Cleaning up any waste and litter
  • Cutting the grass
  • Keeping the boulevard (including ditches and culverts) free of brush and noxious weeds

Any trees growing on the boulevard are considered Village property and will be maintained by the Public Works Department.

If you notice a boulevard in need of maintenance for visibility or safety reasons, please contact the Village Office at (250) 786-5794 or email

Required Property Maintenance

The Village of Pouce Coupe requires that all property owners mow and keep their property clear of any weeds on a regular basis. This requirement includes the maintenance of vacant and empty lots.

This information is provided for convenience only. Please refer to Bylaw 588 - Property Maintenance & Noise Bylaw and Bylaw 1008 - Property Maintenance Standards.