Water Restrictions

Understanding Water Restriction Stages

The Village of Pouce Coupe's Water Conservation Bylaw has four stages of water restrictions.

  • Stage One Water Conservation Measures automatically comes into effect May 1 - Sept 30
  • Stages Two and Three are used when facing water supply issues or in times of a prolonged drought
  • Stage Four is declared in emergency situations

Automatic Shut-off Device: A device attached to a water hose that is spring-loaded and shuts off the supply of water automatically unless hand pressure is applied to allow the supply of water.

Drip Irrigation: A system using irrigation components which consume less than 20 gallons (91 litres) per hour and operate at less than 25 PSI (172 kPa) to deliver water to the root zone of the plant material being irrigated.

Residential Lawn Watering_2

**Residents with automated irrigation systems need to adjust the timing mechanisms of the system to ensure compliance with these regulations. Hand watering of flower and vegetable gardens is permitted at anytime on any day, but its recommended that it be done in the morning or evening.

Car and Boat Washing_1
Veg & Flower Gardens, Shrubs, Trees_0
Hosing Impermeable Surfaces_0
Fill Re-fill Fountains, Hot Tubs, Swimming Pools_0
Operate Sprinkler for Play
Haul Bulk Water for Potable Use_0

Please remind your neighbours of the above restrictions because water quality and conservation is everyone’s responsibility. Use water wisely!

This information is provided for convenience only. Please refer to Bylaw 927 - Water Conservation Measures.

Exemption Permits

Land owner's who have installed a new lawn by placing sod or turf or by seeding, or who have installed new landscaping to their property may be eligible to purchase a permit that allows them to water when Stages 1-2 restrictions are in force. You may apply for this permit at the Village Office and upon approval, you will be charged a $50.00 fee. A permit expires 21 days after the issue date, however, if an extension is required, it can be applied for at the Village Office.

Be Waterwise

Remember, including rainfall, your lawn only needs 1 inch or 1 hour of watering per week to stay healthy and don't be afraid to let your lawn turn dormant (golden) over the summer. Once it starts raining in the fall, your lawn will "green up" again.

What else can you do?

  • When you mow your lawn, keep your grass at 3 inches (7.5cm) long as this helps shade the roots from the sun.
  • Leave grass clippings on your lawn to trap moisture and reduce evaporation.
  • Water flower and vegetable gardens by hand in the morning or evening and near the roots.
  • Try to keep planters in the shade during the afternoon to avoid the hot sun.
  • Clean driveways or decks with a broom instead of using a hose.
  • Check out our Water Conservation page for more information and tips to help conserve water.