Water & Sewer


The Village of Pouce Coupe provides water and sewer services through its waterworks retention and distribution system and sewer system.

Sewer System

Pouce Coupe uses a lagoon system for sanitary sewer processing. This consists of settling ponds, aerators, treatments and sand beds that remove solids and contaminants before discharging the remaining treated wastewater into the Pouce River. The Province of BC regulations on the levels of sodium, phosphorous and other chemicals that can be discharged are strictly followed, and the Village consistently meets these critical requirements.

The Public Works Department maintains and repairs the Village’s sanitary sewer mains. Private property owners are responsible for the maintenance and repair of their private service from the Village’s main line, including the connection at the main to the property owner’s building. This includes keeping the service free of obstructions such as debris, roots and grease.

Water System

The Village of Pouce Coupe owns and operates its own waterworks retention and distribution system. The Village purchases water from the City of Dawson Creek. The water is obtained from the Kiskatinaw River and processed at the Dawson Creek water treatment plant.

The Village's Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining water mains up to the curbstop. Private property owners are accountable for any maintenance and repair of issues that occur after the curbstop from the mainline.

To report any problems with the water and sewer system after regular work hours, please call (250) 786-5794.