Letter From The Mayor


Dear citizens of Pouce Coupe,

As you have recently witnessed, my council has asked for my resignation, and removed me from any additional committees outside of being the chair of meetings, and the face of the municipality.

The controversial meme that has been shared on social media since Friday, was a post I shared more than a year, or two ago.  I have formally apologized for this post, and will continue to do so as we all move forward.

I love serving Pouce Coupe, it’s people and working with our neighbours.  This post does not change who I am, and for those that know me, have worked with me on council, or businesses and residents in the community who have become friends, know that my loyalty and dedication to serving them is unparalleled.

In the last 24 hours while contemplating my plan moving forward, I would like to thank the hundreds of people who took time to message, call and share their thoughts and opinions with me.  The meme I shared was insensitive, and I do not expect you to forgive me overnight, but I ask that you allow me to show you by moving forward, my absolute sincerity.

Council did not elect me to do this job, neither did social media community groups or local media, People did.  The people of Pouce Coupe that I have taken an oath to represent, and will continue to until those same people decide otherwise during a general election.  I have at my own expense committed to taking sensitivity training, as well as courses designed to mitigate and eliminate racism of all forms in municipal and business settings.

My elected position, and passion, as Mayor serving Pouce Coupe will be evident as we move forward together.  Council has made this a little more difficult than it has been, but I will also ask them to let me prove that I have learned from this, and look forward to the future, together as one.

Yours Truly,

Mayor of Pouce Coupe