An Official Community Plan (OCP) is a document used by local governments to direct decisions on land use management and planning within the area covered by the plan.

The OCP recognizes the community's goals through related objectives and policy statements. The document must be prepared and adopted within the statutory provisions set forth in the Local Government Act (LGA). The required content is defined in Section 473 of the LGA, with optional provisions listed in Section 474. Furthermore, provisions relating to due process and adoption procedures are outlined in Sections 475 and 477 respectively.

The purpose of an OCP is to set the long-term direction to guide decisions and strategic planning for a community. The document should be reviewed and updated every 5-10 years to ensure it continues meeting the community's long-term needs and objectives. Reviewing the document also ensures it stays consistent with the bylaws, procedures and government implementation tools.

An OCP does not come into effect until it is adopted by Council as an official bylaw. The latest OCP for the Village of Pouce Coupe was adopted in early 2016 and can be viewed HERE.

The Village of Pouce Coupe OCP was adopted following a series of meetings, open houses, a Community Kick-Off Event and Canada Day Pop-Up Event. The Village engaged in public consultation to gain insight into residents' feelings and attitudes towards their community and how they would see it changing in the years ahead. Stakeholder presentations, public question and answer sessions, and surveys were ways the Village could gather input from the community. Drafts were reviewed and revised before the OCP was finalized.

As is outlined in the OCP, the residents of Pouce Coupe identified the following overachieving themes through the community engagement sessions:

  • The need for more community spaces, events and activities
  • Maintain the existing small town feel with new growth
  • Establish needed businesses and amenities in the Village
  • Continue to embrace Pouce Coupe's legacy and past
  • Plan for the Village's youth and future generations
  • Build upon existing civic pride through community led initiatives
  • Remain independent from Dawson Creek